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If you are planning to take a vacation, Himachal Pradesh should be on your list of potential destinations. Why? Because Himachal Pradesh has so much to offer- scenic beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and a bunch of adventure sports. Himachal Pradesh is full of places that are more than just a tourist attraction. Although Himachal Pradesh can be visited year-round, it is most appropriate to visit during the summers.

Known as “the land of snow,” Himachal Pradesh is the ideal hill station to visit during the summers. Escaped the scorching heat of the plains and come to the hills. Be surrounded by soothing temperature and a lot of snow! Who wouldn’t want that? If you have made up your mind to visit one of the most beautiful places that India has to offer, here is the list of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Kullu

Kullu is one of the most popular hill stations that India has to offer. With a beautiful view of the Himalayan range, this place is sure to take your breath away. Kullu is often associated with Manali, another beautiful location of Himachal Pradesh. Together they are known to be a place often frequented by tourists. Kullu resides at the bank of river Beas and was once famous as ‘Kulanthpitha.’ In simple terms- “the end of the habitable world.”


Things to do in Kullu

  • Try out some adventure sports
  • Go on trekking and camping
  • Try out river rafting
  • Visit temples like Basheshwar Mahadev Temple and Bijile Mahadev Temple.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kullu is during May-June and November-January because this is the time during which there is snowfall.

How to get here

  • Via Air- If you are planning to travel by air- you have two airport options. The nearest being Kullu-Manali airport, which is not properly functional. It is best to arrive at the nest nearest airport- which is in Chandigarh- and drive to Kullu. It takes about 7 hours to reach Kullu from Chandigarh via road.
  • Trains- Jogindra Nagar junction is the nearest railway station, which is about 95 km away from Kullu. And the problem here is that being a small station it is not well connected to other major destinations. The next nearest station is Chandigarh Junction Railway Station. It is well connected. And you are charter a bus is a cab from this place to Kullu.
  • Via Road- Some buses run regularly from Kullu to other significant cities of Himanchal Pradesh. You can also take a bus from substantial cities in India like Delhi, Pathankot, and Chandigarh.

Popular attractions

  • Basheshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Sultanpur Palace
  • Bhringu Lake
  • Manikaran
  • Kasol
  • Great Himalayan National Park
  • Paravati Valley
  • Bijli Mahadev Temple

2. Manali

Manali is situated at a massive height of 6726 feet. From here, you can see snow-covered mountains, which are essentially breathtaking. Stating at Manali means being closer to nature as such. Besides the snowy mountains, Manali is known for a wide range of adventure sports it offers. Manali is the best place to visit in Himachal Pradesh.


Things to do in Manali

  • Explore the mountains- go for trekking and mountaineering.
  • Go skiing
  • You can also try out white water rafting and paragliding.
  • Visit Tibetan Monasteries and temples.

Best time to visit Manali

It is most appropriate to visit Manali during May-June and November-January period.

How to get here

  • Via Air– Similar to Kullu, Manali is closest to Kullu-Manali Airport, which has restricted access. It is a sensible decision to arrive at Chandigarh airport and take a bus or a private cab to Manali.
  • Trains– Jogindra Nagar railway station is the closest, yet has limited access. Because of poor connectivity across the nation, it is not advisable to use the station. Next, the nearest station is the Chandigarh station, which is about 308km away.
  • Via Road– There is an extensive network of bus services which connect Manali to the major cities of Himanchal Pradesh and also outside. It is safe to say that travelling by road is by far the most comfortable and economical way of travelling to Manali.

Popular Attractions of Manali

  • Rohtang Pass
  • Manu Temple
  • Gulaba
  • Kothi
  • Tibetan Monasteries
  • Beas River
  • Solang Vally
  • Hadimba Devi Temple
  • Vashist Hot Water Springs

3. Shimla

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is worthy of its title. Shimla is also the tourist capital of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is one of those places in India which is visited all around the year. Shimla is crowded with lovely mountain views and gorgeous lakes. The greenery all around is unmatchable. Shimla is also famous for its British influence. You can witness British architecture all around.


Things to do in Shimla

  • Go on a shopping spree on Mall Road
  • Trek to Jakhu Hill
  • Visit the famous Hanuman temple
  • Enjoy a trip to Viceregal Lodge
  • Enjoy Polo at Annandale

The best time to visit Shimla

May-June and November-January is the best time to visit Shimla

How to get here

  • Via Air– If you want to arrive directly at Shimla, you should land at Jubbarhatti airport. It is the closest airport (only 23km away) and is well connected to Delhi. The next nearest airport is in Chandigarh, which is about 113kms away.
  • Trains– Shimla Railway Station is only a kilometre away from the main city. And it is also well connected to cities like Chandigarh and Delhi.
  • Via Road– Shimla is well connected to cities like Delhi, Pathankot, and Chandigarh via road.

Popular Attractions of Shimla

  • Jakhoo Hill
  • Kurfi
  • The Ridge
  • Mall Road
  • Christ Church
  • Summer Hill
  • Annandale
  • The Shimla State Museum
  • Chail
  • Solan
  • Daranghati Sanctuary
  • Naledehra and Shaily Peak

4. Dharamshala

Dharamshala is famous for its Tibetan Monasteries and the dominance of Tibetan culture. Here you will come face to face with some of the most beautiful Tibetan architecture. The fascinating thing about Dharamshala is that it is surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides and has a valley on one side. Mountains are more than 4000m high. Dharamshala also harbours a wide range of trees and pines.


Things to do in Dharamshala

  • Boat ride across Dal Lake
  • Visit the Kangra Fort
  • Visit the Bhagsunath Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Witness the Bhagsu falls
  • Enjoy Tibetan culture at places like Kangra Art Museum and the Dalai Lama Temple complex.
  • Visit tea gardens

The best time to visit Dharamshala

May-June and November-January are the two best phases to visit Dharamshala.

How to get here

  • Via Air– You can easily arrive at Dharamshala Airport, which is no more than 13km away from the main city.
  • Trains– Pathankot railway station is the nearest railway junction- about 85kms away but is well connected to major cities. You can charter a taxi or a private cab from this place and travel to Dharamshala.
  • Via Road– Buses from major cities like Delhi, Pathankot, Chandigarh, and Ambala are available for Dharamshala.

Popular attractions of Dharamshala

  • Tsuglagkhang Complex
  • Namgyal Monastery
  • Mcleodganj
  • Kareri Lake
  • Gyuto Monastery
  • Kangra Museum
  • Kangra Fort

5. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is famous for its rich history and scenic beauty. You will be amazed to see that Dalhousie is spread over five hills. Besides this, you can see the effect of British culture in this place. It is laced with pre-colonial architecture and also has beautiful vegetative beauty to offer. It is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.


Things to do in Dalhousie

  • Visit Khajjiar- the Switzerland of India
  • Enjoy Dainkund walk, Ganji Pahadi Walk and Bakrota Walk
  • Visit the St. John’s Church.
  • Enjoy the Chamera and Satdhara falls

Best time to visit Dalhousie

April to July is the best time to visit Dalhousie

How to get here

  • Via Air– The airport nearest to Dalhousie is Pathankot airport. It is about 75km away. You can hire a taxi from the airport to Dalhousie.
  • Trains– Just like the airport, the nearest railway station is Pathankot railway station. Being 75km away, you need to hire a taxi from the railway station to Dalhousie.
  • Via Road– Dalhousie is well connected to major cities like Delhi, Pathankot, and Chandigarh.

Popular attractions of Dalhousie

  • Khajjiar
  • Kalatop Wildlife Reserve
  • Daikund Peak
  • St. Francis Church
  • Chamera Lake
  • Sach Pass


Himachal Pradesh is home to many beautiful locations. It has a lot to offer- a peek into British and Tibetan culture, a walk through the natural beauty, and a whole lot of adventure sports. You will be amazed at what all you can do in Himachal Pradesh. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and come to Himachal Pradesh.

Kashmir is known for its perfect scenic beauty. Ancient kings and queens have praised the beauty of Kashmir’s valleys and called it ‘Paradise on earth’. Due to its steady military disputes, the tourists have been discouraged from visiting this place. However, if you are a true explorer, any danger would not dishearten the spirits of adventure.

The valleys of Kashmir are to die for. The picturesque beauty of Kashmir’s mountains will take your breath away. You will see the snow-covered mountains, the handsome lakes, rural localities with very less population. This place is best if you want a break from the ruckus of city lights. Once you give in to the Himalayas lap, you will find the peace you were looking for. Here are a few places that you would like to visit when you are in Kashmir.

1. Poonch Valley

This valley is located on the Indo Pakistan border. Poonch valley, due to its popularity, has attracted a lot of visitors from all over the world.

This valley is surrounded by a range of mountains called Pir Panjal. The Pir Panjal Mountains are full with lush green meadows, peaks of mountains and several lakes which have formed naturally.

Poonch Valley

To add to the beauty, there is also a waterfall which is grouped with a variety of lakes. It is also a historical site due to the presence of an 18th-century fort. The small village or settlement called Surnakote and Mandi is present there.

2. The Dha Hanu Valley

The Dha Hanu Valley is another historical site of Kashmir. It is also known as the Aryan’s land.

The diversity of culture can be seen in this valley of Kashmir when you notice the residents and the locality.

The Dha Hanu Valley

The beautiful valley bordered by the small settlements resided by the local villagers. The low altitude of the valley makes it the perfect location for a solitary vacation.

This valley is created due to the famous Hindukush Mountains. The river Indus which is one of the most prominent rivers is also present in this area.

3. Betaab Valley

The famous debut film of Sunny Deol named Betaab was filmed in this valley.

Ever since the release of this movie, this area gained vehement popularity. Ultimately this valley of Kashmir came to know as Betaab Valley.

 Betaab Valley

This valley eventually became one of the favourite spots for shooting Bollywood movies. The Hindu Temple of Amarnath can be reached if one follows the route of this valley. The snow-capped mountains and the thriving green pasture adds to the perfection of this valley.

The crystal clear water of the lakes named Tulian and Baisaran is one of the major lakes surrounding the area, which adds to the picturesque beauty of the area. Many other valleys of Kashmir gained popularity due to the release of the popular film named Betaab.

4. Nagin Valley

Nagin Valley is again one of the most prominent valleys which are known for its beautiful green grazing land and open fields.

Trees like pine, deodar, and alpine are among the trees responsible for the abundant and flourishing forest.

Nagin Valley

This valley of Kashmir is located near the line of control of the India Pakistan border. Various visitors all around the world are attracted towards the scenic beauty of this valley.

The snow-covered mountains are what everyone comes so far to see, which seems like paradise on earth. The local population is very low, which is why a tourist can seek the solitude that he seeks, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Markha Valley

This valley is considered as the heaven for a mountaineer. If you love hiking and experience thrilling experiences, this valley is meant for you.

This valley is surrounded by Kang Yatse and Zanskar range, in the east and south simultaneously. When you are done with the hike, you will find yourself at the world’s most beautiful sight.

Markha Valley

You will not see but one, but four namely Karakoram, Stok Kangri, Nun Kun and Kang Yatse. The beautiful scenery and the villages as ancient as time itself will make you fall in love with the exquisite valleys of Kashmir.

The stone carvings and snow-capped mountains are one of the best sights to view from the peaks.

6. Kishtwar Valley

This valley is also surrounded by high peaked snow-capped mountains and lush forests. The forests include trees like deodar, pine and alpine trees.

If you like to be surrounded by the beauty of nature, this is the place you would want to be in. You can talk long walks with your beloved among the roads while leading to two pilgrimages.

Kishtwar Valley

They are named Sarthal and Machail Yatra. This valley of Kashmir is attractive in every sense of the word.

It may not have appeared in popular Bollywood movies, but it has the appeal and exquisiteness of every valley present in Kashmir.

7. Nubra Valley

This valley is very famous for its beautiful gardens and orchards. The well-maintained orchard is preserved for the travellers and mountaineers.

The camels and monasteries are also what this valley makes so special. This valley is also known as the Valley of Flowers. This is why it is called Ldumra, in the local language.

Nubra Valley

This valley is crammed between Kashmir and Tibet. The view is breathtakingly gorgeous. The monasteries located in this valley add to a large number of Buddhist monks who live in the shrines.

What do we have to say?

The valleys of Kashmir are one of the reasons why Kashmir is so well renowned in the world. No matter how far you go, you will remember Kashmir’s beauty and cultural ethnicity for the rest of your lives. The cultural diversity of Kashmir has made its mark on India. If you love hiking and trekking mountains, and many other adventurous thrills, Kashmir’s Valleys must be on your bucket list. It is said that Kashmir is considered as Switzerland of India. Many consider that Kashmir is even better than Switzerland itself.

France, as we know, has been listed as one of the most favourite holiday destinations and receives around 82 million foreign tourists annually. France is one of the amazing countries where you can literary spend months exploring.

Tourists from all over the world are genuinely fascinated with France’s culture, exquisite cuisine, fine wine and romantic countryside.

France is a beautiful country, and the fascinating European culture and free-spirited people here make the country all the more alive.

There are lots of places to fit in but let’s takedown 5 top places to visit in France and let us break it down why it is always ruling the list.

1. Marseille

Marseille is Europe’s one of the oldest city and France’s second-largest city. It is a Mediterranean Seaport which is located off the Southwest coast of France.

You will come across Roman ruins, medieval architecture and exceptional cultural values. This place will let you experience wobbly sidewalks, scattered hills and thigh-burning stairs throughout the city.

Marseille is filled with a decent transportation system. From an extensive bus system, the metro-tram line to buses you can pick transportation of your choice.


Go for food shopping on a narrow street if you are a big fan of food. Find fresh fruits and vegetables from exotic food stores. 

Next, you can swim on a wild gorge like creeks along the coast as far as Cassis. Have fun and swim in the turquoise waters. Your trip to Marseille is incomplete without swimming, hiking and boating.

2. Lyon

Lyon is the capital of the Rhone department in the Rhone-Alpes region and is located in east-central France.

Known for historic architecture and vibrant cultural scene, Lyon offers exciting treasures. From outstanding museums, clubbing, thriving universities, foreign shopping lands while indulging in delicious gourmets, travel to this place and get mesmerized by its beauty.

This third largest city in France has a lot of cultural treasures to explore. Whether it is beautiful art museums or impressionists painting, you can witness the most exceptional entertainment in this place.


This beautiful city houses plenty of museums and some of the cool and happening pubs. Moreover shopping here will be a delight to the visitors.

Lyon is much calmer and less touristy than the other destination, making Lyon especially appealing to a foodie.

Museum of fine arts, Lyon Cathedral, Vieux, Fourviere is some of the places in Lyon that you should not miss.

3. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is located on the right on the border of France and Germany. This city serves as the seat of the European Parliament and various other prestigious European institutions.

Visiting this place will make you feel that you are at a movie backdrop. This city embraces rich city heritage and narrow streets and alleys.

You will get to see the reflections of half-timbered houses with sloping roofs and many running waterfalls which will make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale world. 

This UNESCO world heritage site will let you stop and take photographs at every step. Don’t forget to taste the Tarte flambee of France that you are likely to find in all small restaurants. Moreover, you can also indulge in other local delicacies as well.


This little city has a lot of cultural values. Strasbourg offers plenty of cultural opportunities. From art, architecture to music, there are plenty of things to do in a beautiful place.

This city reflects both French and German-style in structure and architecture. Strasbourg Cathedral, Museum of Modern Art, Palais Rohan Strasbourg is the places that are a major crowd puller.

4. Loire Valley

Loire valley is a popular tourist destination in France. This place is known for its spectacular scenery, vineyards and historic villages.

Take in the art at the Musee des Beaux-Arts Tours. This delightful museum features beautiful sculptures, which includes ancient classic Roman and Greek pieces as well as statues of famous French monarchs.

The famous Gothic cathedral attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists from across the Globe. In summertime stay till the evening and get light snow which gets projected on the exterior of the cathedral when night falls.

Loire Valley

Visit the Natural History Museum which displays an array of creatures. Moreover, kids can enjoy the library and games on the second floor. Loire Valley is a perfect romantic escape.

So please plan to spend some time in this laid-back city and get amazed by its beautiful and charming villages.

5. Bordeaux

Bordeaux is built upon River Garonne which is just an hour inland of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a significant port city which is included with beautiful architecture, historic sites and exceptional shopping as well.

This city features several medieval churches and charming plazas of which the Place de Bourse is the most stunning one. Its mirror-like effect attracts thousands of tourists to this beautiful place. 

Your visit to this pretty place, Bordeaux is incomplete without a drive through the surrounding wine country where you can admire and get awestruck with beautiful and mesmerizing villages and vineyards.


Bordeaux looks the best during sunset time and is a perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate. The best part it has a fantastic dining scene as well.

With more than 100,000 vineyards snap a photo of the iconic place and enjoy the Jardin Public’s pathways and flora.

Cathedrale Saint-Andre, Le Grand Theatre, Place de la Bourse are some of the major attractions of this place.

Final Opinion

France is one of the most popular places for a holiday. This beautiful place attracts almost more than 45 million tourists every year.

The romantic ambience, fashion, culture and not to forget the iconic, amazing and extra beautiful Eiffel Tower is the main reason why people get attracted to this place. 

Visit here, and you will enjoy the sight, smell and taste of a world. The list of beautiful and top places in France is already listed above.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next vacation to this gorgeous place and make your trip an everlasting one.

Who is not fond of travelling? Travelling gives you a feeling that there is no tomorrow. Moreover, our country is vast, and there are so many beautiful places to explore. Why not there are lots of beautiful places in India to visit.

It’s time to pack your luggage and head with a new journey. If you are wondering where to worry not, here we have listed some exciting and best tourist places in India. 

Let’s get relieved of the dilemma and find out which is the best place to visit in India.

1. Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj is one of the famous places in India, which is known as heaven amidst the hills. Are you someone who is fond of adventure, then this place should be on your bucket list. 

You will get a beautiful view of the Dhauladhar ranges.

Image result for mcleodganj

This is one of the best destinations for camping. It does not matter which season you are coming in. 

Main attraction: Kangra Fort, Bhagsunath Temple, Bhagsu Falls, Dalai Lama temple complex, and many others.

2. Andaman

If the newlyweds want to explore serenity and tranquillity from every corner, then Andaman is one of the most honeymoon places in India.

Image result for Andaman

Moreover, so many enjoyable activities and the beautiful island will make you wish that this trip doesn’t end. This beach heaven should undoubtedly be on your bucket list.

3. Leh-Ladakh

From magnificent mountains to crazing winding roads, Leh-Ladakh is a perfect place for your next trip.

Image result for leh-ladakh

Here you will not only have fun with the locals, plus you and your partner will have the most exciting journey ever. So if you are an adventure crazy, add this pace for your next visit.

4. Binsar

If you want to explore the realms of wildlife, then it is time to add Binsar to your bucket list.

Image result for binsar

Binsar is one of the rising yet famous places in India to visit.

From camping to exploring exciting jeep safari, this place is worth trying.

5. Kerala

Kerala, which is known as God’s own country, has lots of things to explore. If you want a break from your hectic life, head straight to this place. 

Image result for Kerala

From exploring luscious green trees, pristine water, beaches, waterfalls to fantastic wildlife experience, this place is known for lots of beautiful delights.

6. Kutch

Delve into the most beautiful stretch of the white desert. Kutch no man’s land is famous for its seasonal salt marsh.

Image result for Kutch

Here the sky comes alive during the Kite festival. Hence this place is regarded as one of the best tourist places in India.

Explore the famous archaeological museum, Kutch museum, Pray Mahal, to Aina Mahal, and more.

7. Shimla

From colourful joy train from Kalka to Shimla, which makes way through pipe forest and verdant valleys, this place allows you to re-visit your childhood days. 

Image result for Shimla

Shimla, which is known as the Queen of Northern hills, is one of the best hill stations in India.

Moreover, if you are looking to add that spark in your married life, this place can be your best buddy. Shimla will surely help you kindle up the romance.

8. Khajjiar

Khajjar is known as the “Switzerland of India” for a reason.

Image result for Khajjiar

The vast green meadows, dense forest to snow-clad Himalayan peak this place will make the most romantic destination ever.

9. Kasauli

This little town is perched at an altitude of 6,322ft; hence you get the most stunning view of the Himalayan peaks.

Image result for Kasauli

Unlike the other Indian hill station, this place is less crowded. Therefore you get a quite and serene moment with your friends or partner.

10. Kasol

Kasol is famous for its scenic beauty and pleasant environment. Here the tourist gets to explore hilltops to beautiful villages.

Image result for kasol

It does not matter whether you are in search of adventure or a calm and quiet place, visit this place, and you will surely be amazed.

11. Manali

This snowy paradise is famous for its snow-capped mountains.

Image result for Manali

Manali- The Heart of Himachal Pradesh, has a mesmerizing combination of nature, peace, adventure, and serenity. 

12. Udaipur

Udaipur, called the Venice of the East, will surely stand out from the rest of the places. The city of lakes will give you the most luxurious sites to explore.

Image result for udaipur

From boating, site seeing to trekking, Udaipur will let you indulge in exciting activities and, at the same time, will make you feel rejuvenated.

13. Uttarakhand

This Valley of Flowers is known for more than 300 flower species, which makes it a heavenly place to visit. 

Uttarakhand is located at an altitude of 3,858 meters above sea level, and this place can be your perfect hideout. 

Image result for Uttarakhand

You will be overwhelmed with its fascinating route, whether it is rock climbing or admiring famous meadows. This is one of the picturesque hill stations in India.

14. Prashar Lake

If you are in search of an offbeat experience, Prashar Lake is one of the rising trekking spots in Himachal Pradesh.

Image result for prashar lake

This place not only offers a fantastic view of the Dhauladhar range but is indeed regarded as the best places to visit in India.

15. Dhanaulti

Explore the famous and the most beautiful Alpine forest here. Dhanaulti, which is located about 2200 meters with Mussourie and Chamba as its bordering cities.

Image result for Dhanaulti

It will give tourists a fantastic experience to cherish.

16. Meghalaya

Meghalaya is framed as the Scotland of the East. This place is famous for providing a refreshing holiday. Green luscious mountains to caving, visit Meghalaya if you want to overcome your fear.

Image result for Meghalaya

Meghalaya gives you an excellent opportunity to beat your anxiety in the most profound and longest cave.

17. Cherrapunji

If you’re going to experience something out of the blue, then head to this place. Land of many waterfalls Cherrapunji will give you an experience of living footbridges.

Image result for Cherrapunji

India is a reflection of beauty and colours. From amazing styled destinations to a unique culture, this country provides visitors with lots of things to explore.

So which of these tourist attractions amazed you the most and which one have you picked for your next trip?

Greece. You don’t need any introduction to this beautiful city. This country has been designed with utter perfection. Greece is full of beautiful landscape sceneries that will leave you spellbound.

Greece is a place that looks like a complete fairy tale. So if you are planning your vacation to this mesmerizing place and confused which all places to visit, here we have shortlisted some of the most popular and best places in Greece. So pack your luggage and get ready for this exciting trip.

1. Athens

Athens is a place that contains all the modern vibe and is the best place to go to Greece. Spotless streets, well-manicured parks, and super friendly and warm people. This stunning place is a mix of mythology and modernism.

Top 12 Places in Greece

Stunning artefacts at New Acropolis to the breathtaking view from Mount Lycabettus, you will surely be amazed by their outstanding historical structures.

2. Chania Town

The old Venetian Harbor is the main attraction of Chania Town. With the unique architecture here, you will find couples looking deep at the sea while expressing love and holding each other’s hand deeply. 

Top 12 Places in Greece

Colourful boats, Topolia Gorge to the most popular Chania Venetian lighthouse this place is full of beautiful attractions.

3. Santorini

Santorini looks precisely like a fairytale. With whitewashed buildings to little cute houses and stretches of azure water and sky, Santorini is the best place to go to Greece.

Top 12 Places in Greece

Moreover, you will find various beautiful monasteries and museums. You should visit this place at least once in your lifetime. 

4. Hersonissos

Hersonissos is a perfect place in Greece for a family vacation. This old port town has its charm. Its intriguing museum, ancient ruins to local shopping hubs. 

Top 12 Places in Greece

This place offers some of the best places to stay in Greece. Don’t forget to taste some of its delicacies of this place. 

5. Rethymnon:

Rethymnon is an old Venetian town in Greece. The stunning and captivating building and its architecture will provide travellers with a perfect hideout.

Top 12 Places in Greece

Moreover, you can enjoy local herbs, fresh feta, and lively docks that will reflect the strong influences of the European and Moorish styles.

6. Mykonos:

This classic whitewash building, along with towering blue domes, portrays the charming, beautiful architecture of this place. The rich culture and delicacies are the major crowd puller.

Top 12 Places in Greece

Moreover, you will get to witness the iconic windmills.

Whether it is Gondola ride at little Venice or the beautiful church of Paraportiani, this is one of the beautiful places in Greece to visit.

7. Tsilivi

This Greek beech town has a fascination of its own. Along with awe-inspiring history, this place is suitable for lots of fun activities, like paragliding, boat tour to the Gorge, and many other fascinating things.

Top 12 Places in Greece

Moreover don’t forget to go for horse riding at Athina and Dennis Horse Riding Center. Pick up the best budget-friendly hotel and get enchanted by its beauty and neatness.

8. Apokoronas

Apokoronas is a place which is famous for its lush green and pure blue water of Apokoronas. If you are looking for a quiet and bliss place, then head straight to this place. Apokoronas is a place that is not explored by many tourists. 

Top 12 Places in Greece

Apokporonas is known for its bread baking, and cheese tasting guided tours. This is a perfect place for those who are quite paranoid with shallow water and are non-swimmer.

Furthermore, explore the beautiful beaches and artefacts here.

9. Meteora

Meteora is a place in Greece which is known for misty valleys. Here you will find monasteries of Meteora that almost like suspended in the air.

Top 12 Places in Greece

This place was built to seek spiritual isolation and tops the list of one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

So if you want to seek peace and isolation here, this destination is worth visiting.

10. Nafplio

Nafplio is the land of elites. This place has been framed, keeping in mind a variety of cultures over the years.

Top 12 Places in Greece

The seaport is one of the beautiful features of this place. Just wondering in the streets in the evening, and you will come across some of the most incredible views of this place and the most charming houses.

11. Sifnos:

Take your hiking boots with your flip-flops and explore the beauty and villages of this beautiful place. Don’t forget to visit the Sifnos trails, which are the network of paths that have developed here in just event years. 

Top 12 Places in Greece

The trails in Sifnos will take you to quaint chapels, temples, villages, and farmhouses. This is one of the exciting places in Greece.

12. Nisyros:

Nisyros is an active volcano town. Nisyros has managed to avoid development and maintained authenticity. This pristine place lets you enjoy a glass of refreshing iced tea and more.

Top 12 Places in Greece

There are tons of things that you can do here. Right from walking in hydrothermal caters of the volcanoes to exploring some of the quaint homes.

Greece is a place that has a mythology of its own. Lots of beautiful artefacts and monasteries make Greece a must-visit place. 

Moreover, it has everything that travellers have to count. So plan an exciting trip to Greece and make it a cherishable one. 

We all know that Australia is the world’s smallest continent and the most significant Island. Australia is an all in one package when it comes to exploring coral reefs, aboriginal tribes to wildlife.

So if you are planning your next visit to Australia and wondering what all places to visit, here we have listed down some of the best places to visit in Australia. Let us dive in to know:

  1. Great Ocean Road: Great Ocean Road is known for its scenic beauty. Here you will get to see the best-driven ways in the world and Twelve Apostles, this you surely cannot miss.
  2. Kakadu National Park: This is one of the famous places in Australia is a world heritage site and is also Australia’s largest national park. You will get to see 300 species of birds, rock art, and beautiful waterfalls. At the same time, you will also explore its magnificent wildlife.
  3. Blue Mountains National Park: This is another world heritage site. Named after blue haze, which emanates from many eucalyptus trees and its amazing panoramic view will leave you speechless.
  4. Fraser Island: Fraser Island is one of the largest sand islands in the world. You can take the ferry from Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay and travel to this fantastic place. Lush rainforest, freshwaters to dunes. Fraser Island is one of the most pleasant places to visit.
  5. Uluru: This is another best place in Australia. Here you will get to see a fantastic sunset as the rocks change its colour. You can go for a tribal tour led by an Aboriginal guide. 
  6. Carlton Gardens: Carlton Gardens is built in the 18th century and is one of the oldest places in Australia. Here you can spend your time lavishly on beautiful flower beds, lakes, and artistic fountains. 
  7. Great Barrier Reef: This is one of the most magnificent and most extensive barrier reefs. It consists of mammoths, including 3000 coral reefs and hundreds and thousands of scenic Islands. Just dive in the crystal clear water and view the colourful marine life. 
  8. Sea World Marine Park: This place will entertain adults as well as kids. Spot polar bear, Penguins to small sharks. If you want to get thrilled with this new place, head straight to sea world Marine Park. You can even try sea-themed rides as well. 
  9. Daintree National Park: This place is most historic in the world. Moreover, the Daintree national park holds lots of spiritual importance and is one of the most visited places in Australia. Here rainforest gets connected to the reef, which is present along the beautiful stretches of the white coast. 
  10. Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park: Sparkling lakes, dense forests, and Alpine heathlands Cradle Mountain lake St. Clair National Park is best in Australia. It had got a fantastic view. Furthermore, you can visit the highest point in the park.
  11. Taronga Zoo: If you want to get up and personal with Australian wildlife, then add this place in your bucket list. You will get to see lots of fantastic events which includes roar and snore that is an overnight stay and includes summer concert as well.
  12. Hyde Park: It is a park that provides a picnic spot, fountain, and flowers. It is like a miniature park that lets you relax and engage in conversation. You will get to see Archibald Fountain and see the three Georgian buildings and the Australian Museum.
  13. Barangaroo Reserve: If you want to enjoy a beautiful spot along the harbour, then try out Barangaroo Reserve. It is home to 75,000 native trees and shrubs, including lots of shops, restaurants, and exhibition places, which will keep the tourists engaged.
  14. Horizontal Fall Scenic Flight: If you want to experience some action, then this is the best place in Australia that you should head to. You can go for a jet board ride to witness the breathtaking cruise through the falls.
  15. Art Gallery in New South Wales: This art gallery is one of the major attractions. This gallery is full of collections by notable European artists.
Sydney, Opera House during daytime

Sydney is full of enjoyable activities. This is a city that never sleeps. Fantastic weather and mild weather keep on attracting thousands of tourists every year.

Some of the top places to visit in Sydney:

  1. Witness the Show in Opera House: Opera house is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Australia. An architectural masterpiece reflects the beautiful image of an enormous sailing ship. This place consists of a concert hall, exhibition rooms, and restaurants as well.
  2. Explore Harbour Bridge: This is one of the attractive tourist attractions in Australia. A must visit the place is located 134m above the harbour, this bridge is proudly known as the “Coat Hanger.” This place lets you enjoy the magnificent cityscape from the decks and also enables you to climb the bridge with the help of a guide.
  3. Visit the beautiful Paddy’s Market: Paddy markets have been there for over 150 years. Here you will find useful and extremely reasonable price souvenirs, fun and lots of fun and exciting items along with a great atmosphere and great food.
  4. Bondi Beach: Bondi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney and the most famous hangout place. The atmosphere is thrilling, and you will find this beach always packed up with people. Moreover, it has excellent dining and retail options.
  5. Royal Botanical Gardens: This garden is established in 1816 and is the oldest scientific institution. Apart from enjoying great botanical history, you will also enjoy plenty of plant life. Royal Botanical Gardens is one of the places in Australia to visit.

Australia is a beautiful country. Here the tourist will find everything from animals to the desert. Australia offers excellent places to visit. 

From sightseeing, shopping to various cuisine, Australia is historically fascinating and, at the same time, full of gorgeous Island.

This ultimate bucket list will make your holiday outstanding and cherishable. So go ahead and find the one that you would plan next.