If you are planning your next travel adventure, you might consider visiting the various enchanting places you can visit in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom, or the UK, is the world’s 10th largest tourism hub, with over an influx of 36 million people visiting Britain. From mesmerizing landscapes to historical towns, the United Kingdom has a lot to offer for its visitors. However, it is nearly impossible to visit every tourist attraction in the UK within a limited timeframe as it is a vast country to explore altogether. So, in this article, we have compiled for you a list of top ten places you can visit for your vacation or even as a day trip from London.

Before proceeding towards the cities and their main attraction, let us discuss a bit about the United Kingdom.

About the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This island nation is situated in the North-Western part of Europe. As we have mentioned earlier, the United Kingdom is the world’s 10th largest tourist destination and witnesses between 30-35 million people every year. The country’s main tourist destinations include London, Edinburgh, Cambridge, York and Canterbury.

Top 10 Places that One Must Visit in the United Kingdom

Now we are going to talk about the top ten places one must visit during their vacation in the UK, or even as a part of a day trip from London.

       1.  West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is a metropolitan county in England.  West Yorkshire provides the perfect blend of a thriving urban vibe and the tranquillity of the rural countryside. The best way to explore West Yorkshire is to start from Leeds and make your way out to the dales and moors of the countryside West Yorkshire provides. West Yorkshire is also known for its rich culture and heritage. Experience the cultural heights scaled by this county, home to culture stalwarts such as the Bronte sisters, Henry Moore, J.M.W Turner and Barbara Hepworth. Yorkshire was also known to be the wool capital during the Industrial revolution. So, if you are a fan of industrial history- many established factories which were in focus during Britain’s Industrial Revolution have been turned into museums which have some awe-inspiring exhibits. Following are some places in West Yorkshire that one should visit as a part of a day trip from London.

Places to Visit in West Yorkshire:

  • Leeds
  • Bradford
  • Wakefield
  • Halifax
  • Huddersfield
  • Ilkley
  • Saltaire
  • The Keighley Moors and the countryside
  • Pontefract
  • Bronte sister’s birthplace at Haworth
  • The famous stone-built Hebden Bridge
  • The sandstone cottages and townhouses of Holmfirth
  • Otley
  • Kirkstall Abbey
  • Weatherby

Famous Dishes:

When in West Yorkshire, you can’t leave without having Yorkshire Pudding. You can also try out a Rhubarb pie as well as some smoked salmon while in West Yorkshire.

        2.  Bristol


Bristol is a city set upon the banks of the historic River Avon. It has been dubbed to be one of the most beautiful and tranquil cities in all of Great Britain. Bristol boasts of an illustrious history as Britain’s oldest ports, with access to the Bristol Channel. Home of the great builder I.K. Brunel, Bristol also takes pride in their rich shipbuilding heritage. There are as many as 30 art galleries and many parks scattered across the city, which speaks volumes about the growing art scene here at Bristol. From Clifton’s iconic suspension bridge to Cheese Gorge, there are plenty of things one can visit when in Bristol. Derelict docks have now been transformed into fantastic exhibits. Indulging in fabulous food and drinks offered here in Beverage to participate in outdoor activities. Below given are the top things one can do during their visit to Bristol as a part of a day trip from London. 

Places to Visit in Bristol:

Following are the places one must visit when in Bristol. These are:

  • The quaint Bristol harbour and a ferry ride from here to the rest of the city.
  • Mary Redcliffe Church
  • Bristol Cathedral
  • An example of engineering marvel in I.K. Brunel’s SS Great Britain
  • The historic brewery at Llandoger’s Trow
  • The marvellous Clifton’s suspension bridge built by I.K. Brunel
  • The historical buildings at Bristol Old City
  • Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
  • Blaise Castle House
  • Cheddar Gorge 

Famous Dishes:

These are some of the signature Bristol dishes that you have to taste to complete the full Bristol experience when you are on a day trip from London:

Fish and Chips from The Cottage, a selection of pies from The Pieminister, premium Steaks at The Ox, Bangers and Mash from The Clifton Sausage, Tea from Thornbury’s Castle, Roast Dinner at 1766 Bar+ Kitchen.

      3.  Cornwall

Cornwall Port

Cornwall is a place of beautiful contrasts. This coastal county of Celtic heritage boasts of a mythical legacy and some enchanting scenery. From beautiful twisty coves to cloudy clifftops, from quaint towns to bustling beaches- Cornwall is indeed a sight to behold. Revisit the tales of yore by visiting the coastal town located in the deep inlets of the Cornwall coves. These are ancient fishing villages adorned with stone-built cottages and fishing boats. Enjoy the quaint surroundings and take in the peaceful atmosphere offered by the misty hilltops of Cornwall. It also features the country’s one of the best seaside resorts, St. Ives, with pristine and mesmerising beaches and Newquay, often dubbed as the UK’s surfing capital. While in the UK, you should give Cornwall a visit as a day trip from London. Below given are the top places one can visit in Cornwall county that you must visit.

Places to Visit in Cornwall:

Following given is a list of places that one should visit in Cornwall county.

  • Ives
  • Newquay
  • Austell
  • Penzance
  • The fishing harbour and the Fal Town Sanctuary at Falmouth
  • Bude
  • Truro
  • The stone town of Bodwin
  • Tintagel
  • Mevagissey
  • The little port of Polperro
  • Padstow wharf
  • The tin mine at Redruth
  • Boscastle
  • Looe

Famous Dishes:

Cornwall is home to Cornish cuisine. Following given are a list of dishes that you should sample while in Cornwall on a day trip from London:

Cream Tea, Cornish Yarg Cheese, Stargazy Pie, Cornish Pasty, Saffron bun, Cornish mead, Hevva Cake and Cornish Fairings.

     4. Peak District

Peak Distirct

Peak District is the pinnacle of the sheer beauty that the UK possesses. A contrasting land of moors and dales, rivers, canals, springs and canals- the beauty of Peak district will take your breath away. Peak district is a compact representation of the landscape and scenery that Great Britain collectively offers to its visitors. While in Peak District National Park, one must visit Dovedale- stepping stones carved out of limestone and Lathkill Dale in the southern part of the park comprising two peaks known as the White Peak and the Dark Peak. Visit the various guided trails that Peak District National Park offers to its visitors, and you will surely be mesmerised. Following are the places you can visit in the Peak District as a part of your day trip from London.

Places to Visit in Peak District:

Following are the places that one must visit during their stay at Peak District.

  • Medieval manor houses at the Haddon Hall
  • Dovedale
  • Lyme Park
  • The rocky plateau highlands of Kinder Scout
  • The hilly trail at Mam Tor
  • Stunning waterways of Ladybower Reservoir
  • Cycling trail at Monsal Trail
  • The massive theme park at Alton towers
  • Rock climbing at Stanage Edge

Famous Dishes:

Derbyshire, which is the county that houses Peak District, is also home to some delectable dishes that one must try to gain the full Derbyshire experience.

No visit to Peak district will be complete without sampling the Bakewell Pudding. You can also try out the Hartington Stilton Cheese from Hartington Creamery, Derbyshire Oatcakes, Gingerbread from Ashbourne, Buxton Pudding from Furness Vale and Derbyshire fidgety pie.

      5. Lake District

Cumbria Lake District

Imagine a picturesque village tucked away in the lush green hills befitting a postcard. This is what the Lake District can be summed up in a sentence. The Lake District National Park is one of the most popular national parks in all of the United Kingdom. The beautiful scenery of clifftops, meandering streams and caverns make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of the United Kingdom. It sees a turnout of over 15 million people every year, and the beautiful locales do justice to those numbers. The lush green tops, the glittering lakes and the quaint atmosphere drew literary giants like Wordsworth to script their masterpieces with the help of the flurry of imagery instances this place provides. From witnessing mesmerising heritage to participating in a flurry of outdoor activities, one must visit the Lake District when in the United Kingdom as a part of a day trip from London.

Places to Visit in the Lake District:

Following are the places that you must visit during your stay in the Lake District:

  • The sprawling Lake District National Park
  • Lake Windermere
  • The mythical Castlerigg stone circle
  • Sprawling farmlands of Coniston Water
  • The idyllic lake of Derwentwater
  • Ullswater lake
  • Beatrix Potter’s house, Hill Top
  • Ridge hike at Catbells high
  • William Wordsworth’s home, Dove Cottage
  • Rydal Mount, last home of William Wordsworth

Famous Dishes:

Lake District offers a flurry of indigenous dishes which brings the best out of the fresh, local produce from the villages here. One should sample the following dishes to get a feel of the fresh liveliness that Lake District offers. They include Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread from Grasmere, Lyth Valley’s Damsons, Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake, Cumbrian Sausage and Ullswater-Cartmel’s Sticky Toffee Pudding.

      6.  Glastonbury

glastonbury tower

Glastonbury in Somerset, Southwest England can be considered the world’s capital of alternative culture and should be a part of your day trip from London. Southwest England is known for its mythical and mysterious legacies- from ley lines to white witches and whatnot. Some also believe it to be the mythical Isle of Avalon, King Arthur’s last resting place. Glastonbury is no exception as well, and it reserves its fair share of a deeply-founded mythical legacy. Some belief it to be the junction of the mythical lines that set your chakra nodes straight. Glastonbury is mainly famous for the annual music festival held in the backyard of Michael Eavis’ farm in Eastern Pilton of Glastonbury. It draws tens of thousands of people, mostly a hippy crowd, from around the world. Besides that, there are plenty of things to do in Glastonbury. From searching mystical products like healing crystals and spells on the Glastonbury High Street or walking down the ruins of the Glastonbury Abbey and sipping the holy water from the chalice, the time has stood still upon this town. Enjoy the tranquillity of Glastonbury, a must-visit destination while in the UK as a part of a day trip from London.

Places to Visit in Glastonbury:

The places that you must during your stay in Glastonbury are as follows:

  • Glastonbury Tor
  • Glastonbury Abbey
  • Somerset Rural Life museum
  • Chalice well of the Glastonbury Tor
  • Red Spring and White Spring
  • The stone-built house of Glastonbury Tribunal
  • George’s Inn
  • Margaret’s Chapel

Famous Dishes:

Glastonbury is just not about inedible burgers and soggy chips. Glastonbury offers some delightful food for the visitors, and the stalls they put up during the famous music festival gives you a taste of the best of British cuisine. Following are the famous dishes one must try while in Glastonbury on a day trip from London.

Anna Mae’s Mac and Cheese, Tasty and delicious burgers from Burger Bear, Keema Aloo Wrap from Chapati Man and Sandwiches from Tom’s Toasties.

     7.   Manchester


Manchester is known to be the commercial and the cultural capital of Lancashire. Manchester is a much-celebrated city- home to high running football emotions, arts, media, education and culture. It is a bustling city, and houses over three million people. Like Liverpool, Manchester has undergone huge changes since the Industrial Revolution and has undergone a major change since then. It is a thriving hub now, although it hasn’t lost its ancient touch as many castles and industrial buildings have been renovated to fantastic museums. One can visit the museum under the Castlefield project on Liverpool Road to witness some stunning exhibits. The city’s entertainment and sports facilities also enhance Manchester’s appeal towards the tourists. From the famous “Theatre of Dreams”, Old Trafford- home of the Red Devils to the ultra-modern Etihad Stadium of their arch-rivals, Manchester City, from the famous Opera house to the enthralling indoor ski-slope at Chill factor, there are ample things one can indulge in Manchester. Manchester is a place that one must visit while in the UK on your day trip from London.

Places to Visit in Manchester:

Following are the places that you must visit during your visit to Manchester:

  • Castlefield, the Urban heritage park of Manchester
  • Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry
  • The majestic architecture of Manchester Cathedral
  • The famous National Football Museum
  • Manchester Art Museum
  • The Theatre of Dreams- Old Trafford
  • The home of Manchester City Football Club- Etihad Stadium
  • Chetham’s library
  • University of Manchester
  • Art Gallery
  • Albert Town Hall
  • People’s History Museum

Famous Dishes:

Manchester’s indigenous cuisine is known all around the world. To complete the proper Manchester experience when you are on a day trip from London, one must dive into the following dishes mentioned:

A trip to Manchester won’t be complete without sampling Black Pudding. Also try out dishes such as the Eccles cake, Manchester Egg, Pasty barm, Parched Pea, Rag Pudding, Uncle Joe’s Mint balls and Vimto. These dishes are signature Manchester dishes.

      8.  Cardiff

Cardiff City

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is a beautiful and a quaint city in itself. A few hours drive from Bristol over the Severn, Cardiff is where one will find the majority of tourist attractions Wales can boast of. From marvellous architectures to stunning landscapes, you won’t ever fall short of things to do in Cardiff. This city has a rich historical significance, and it is regarded as one of the most preserved cities in all of Great Britain. From castles to the Victorian-era building adorning the city, every street in Cardiff speaks volumes about the rich culture and heritage it has inherited. You can also visit Cardiff Bay, which has witnessed a huge renovation since the Industrial Revolution times and is one of the most significant ports in not only Wales but the entire United Kingdom collectively. You can also visit other tourist attractions across Wales with your origin at Cardiff. Cardiff is a must-visit place, and you can include it in your itinerary as a part of your day trip from London.

Places to Visit in Cardiff:

Following are the places you must visit during your stay in Cardiff. Those are as follows:

  • Tulip-adorned Cardiff Castle.
  • Cardiff is also famous for the Victorian-era shopping arcades. It is also known as “The City of Arcades.”
  • The pristine Cardiff Bay and the various outdoor activities you can participate in here.
  • The mesmerising art gallery at Wales Millenium Centre
  • National Museum Cardiff
  • Principality Stadium at Cardiff Arms Park
  • Llandaff Cathedral
  • The heritage building of St. Fagans National Museum of History
  • Caerphilly Castle
  • The Red Castle: Castell Coch
  • Artificial rafting at Cardiff International White Water

Famous Dishes:

Welsh cuisine is an undiscovered cuisine avenue, but delicious at the same time. Cardiff offers you the best of Welsh cuisine, and you need to taste the following dishes when in Cardiff as a part of your day trip from London.

Taste the indigenous Lamb Cawl at Cafe Castan, Welsh Cheese Toast at  Madame Fromage, fresh Laverbread at Ashton’s Fish Stall, Welshcakes, Caerphilly Cheese, Bara brith and Welsh Lamb.

     9.  Buxton

Buxton Opera House

Buxton is a quaint town tucked away amidst the beauty of the Peak District in Derbyshire. Buxton is the highest mountainous market town in all of England, located approximately thirty metres above sea level. Tourists from all over the UK and around the world visit Buxton to drink its spring water, and it has been drawing tourists and pilgrims all around the world. It is now a famed spa resort in Great Britain, and it attracts thousands of tourists every day. It is also a historic city and is famous for its Victorian-era structures. You can also visit the nearby moorlands and woods if you are looking for some peace, away from all the hustle-bustle. Buxton is a place that you must visit as a part of your day trip from London.

Places to Visit in Buxton:

Following are the places you can visit as a part of your itinerary when you are in Buxton:

  • Pavilion Gardens
  • Poole’s Cavern
  • Buxton Museum and Art Gallery
  • Chatsworth House
  • Buxton Opera House
  • Devonshire Dome
  • Goyt Valley
  • Solomon’s Temple

Famous Dishes:

Some of the famous dishes that you can try out in Buxton when you are on a day trip from London are as follows.

Try the ever-famous Bakewell Pudding, a pride dish of Derbyshire. You can also try out Buxton Pudding, this town’s speciality.

     10.  Oxford

Oxford England

Oxford is one of the most ancient and well-reputed university towns in not only Britain but across the world. For centuries, there has been a feud between the two university towns of Oxford and Cambridge. There are numerous lush gardens, mesmerizing courtyards and University Parks which make Oxford a quaint town. If you want to enjoy some urban bustle, visit any pedestrian zone across the city. Every wall of the houses in Oxford speak of rich culture and heritage. From Carfax tower to reference objects from the famous Harry Potter franchise, this city has a lot to offer. You must visit Oxford as a part of your day trip from London.

Places to Visit in Oxford:

Some of the famous places in Oxford that you must visit are:

  • Oxford City Center
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • Christ Church College
  • Magdalen College
  • Radcliffe Square
  • Sheldonian Theatre
  • Martyr’s Museum
  • Ashmolean Museum

Famous Dishes:

Some of the famous dishes that you must try while in Oxford are Waffles and Ice Cream, Cafe Breakfasts, Pie and Mash, Diavolo Pizza and Oxford Cookies. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Above given is a list of places that you must make a part of your itinerary when you are out for a day trip from London. Since the UK is a huge country, you can boil it down to the above places during your trip to the United Kingdom.